Practice Areas

NICANDER ADVOKATBYRÅ provides expert legal counseling within the field of business law, with a special focus on the following practice areas.


IT-System procurement deliveries, cloud computing services, outsourcing of IT-system operations, licensing agreements with respect to computer programs, free software and open source, database rights, legal evaluation of, and representation in disputes concerning, infringement of computer programs and databases, matters regarding publishing and linking on the Internet, electronic commerce agreements and other Internet-related agreements, delivery and service agreements, ISP agreements, maintenance and support agreements, development agreements, deposit (escrow) agreements, consultation agreements, secrecy and feasibility agreements, issues concerning IT-security, and advice, education, agreements, legal evaluations and strategies on personal data protection legislation, GDPR, including, for instance, data processing agreements, data sharing agreements, information & policy documents, digital marketing & profiling, transfer of personal data to third countries etc.


Advice on protection of inventions, trademarks, company names, designs, copyright, know-how, and trade secrets, matters regarding copying and unauthorized reproduction of protected intellectual property assets, measures to prevent unauthorized parallel imports, customs measures and monitoring of imports with respect to counterfeit goods, representation in infringement disputes, raids and evidence search measures, injunctions and claims for damages, etc. before courts, preliminary examinations and registration applications, preparation and review of transfer agreements, licensing agreements, etc.


Production Agreements, agreements for the development and licensing of TV formats, co-production and co-operation agreements, evaluation of copyright and other legal questions concerning text, images and audio-visual works, issues relating to publishing rights, questions relating to the Radio and TV Act, cable and satellite transmissions and web TV, issues involving freedom of expression, freedom of the press and limitations on advertising, issues relating to the use of names and pictures in advertising, film agreements, agency- and manager agreements, permits and other legal issues with respect to the organizing of lotteries, agreements, etc. relating to gaming, sports, sponsoring and entertainment.


Mergers and transfers of companies and business lines, establishing of companies and branches, issues of new shares and other forms of financing, boards of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’ agreements, management and other employment issues, issues regarding personal liability, co-operation agreements, due diligence evaluations in connection with the acquisition of companies, particularly within the technology sector.


Pre-evaluation of advertisements and other publicity, evaluations concerning generally accepted marketing practices, questions concerning unfair competition, pricing wars, passing-off, imitations, etc., cases before the Swedish Market Court, analyses and evaluations concerning conformity of agreements and remedial measures with competition legislation, refusals to deliver, abuse of dominant position, the handling of cases and matters before the Swedish Competition Authority, handling of matters concerning public procurement.


Agency agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements in respect of the transfer of technology and know-how, franchise agreements, commission agreements, general delivery terms and conditions, issues regarding title to goods, etc.


Representation in all types of judicial and arbitration proceedings within the legal areas set out above.