The Firm

NICANDER ADVOKATBYRÅ conducts its commercial law practice from offices ideally located in the heart of Stockholm′s business district.


The practice of the firm is focused on IT, data protection, intellectual property law, media, entertainment and marketing law, including litigation and arbitration within these areas. We also advise on mergers and acquisitions of companies and general corporate law issues. To ensure that specialist expertise is available in all matters handled by the firm, and for larger assignments, we collaborate closely with other established and well-known colleagues, such as “Network Lawyers“. In addition, we enjoy well established contacts with leading law firms in major countries abroad. During the years 1999-2023 the firm was the Swedish member of EuroITCounsel, a quality circle of independent European specialist IT lawyers.


We provide legal services to both small and large companies. The former category is mostly assisted on a regular basis in the course of their day-to-day business whereas, in the case of larger companies, we are retained for specific projects where our expertise can prove especially useful. Most of our clients operate in sectors such as IT, services, media, trade and distribution, consultancy, medical technology and the production of consumer durables. The clients are based both in Sweden and abroad.


High quality legal advice and drafting of contracts and other legal documentation. Accessible and responsive. Personal, informal and close relations with the clients, as well as an understanding and awareness of their business and needs. Direct access to a single experienced lawyer during the entire handling of a matter. Flexibility and adaptability to the client’s wishes.


Invoicing is normally based on the actual time expended on a matter. However, fees may also reflect special factors, such as the complexity or urgency of the matter. Upon request, we will be pleased to provide an estimate of the final total cost regarding a matter. Agreement may also be reached on a maximum fee and in certain cases, a fixed fee for the work in question.


As a member of the Swedish Bar Association, we guarantee strict loyalty and dutiful observance of confidentiality with respect to all client information. We also accept no engagements where a conflict may arise between the interests of a new client and those of our current clients.


As a modern, independent boutique law firm, we are committed to doing our utmost to ensure that your needs as a client are met efficiently, promptly, and to the highest professional standards. Welcome!